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Contact Appearance Vehicle Pricing Insurance Job Dispatches Installation Experience Safety Warranty Company Name Phone Number Fax Number Email Address Are you neat in Appearance? Do you feel you present yourself in a professional demeanor? Is your vehicle lettered with your business information? Would you wear an AGRT shirt on job? Do you wear a uniform? Are you opposed to placing magnets on your vehicle? For work purposes, do you drive a truck or van? Is your vehicle damage free in appearance? What labor (Includes Kits) will you charge us on windshields or back glass? What labor will you charge us on vents or door glass? What labor (Includes Kits) will you charge us on Quarters or Vent Glass? What labor will you charge us on bolt in back glass? What labor will you charge us on chip repairs? Do you have vehicle insurance? Is this a commercial or personal vehicle policy? Do you have workman's comp? Do you have liability insurance? If you do have liability insurance, what is the limit? Payments How would you like to get paid? How would you like to be notified of an assignment? How many sub jobs can you handle a day? Do you require us to call you before we schedule next day jobs? Do you accept same day jobs? What brand of Urethane used? How many years of experience as an installer? Do you survey your work area to look for prior damage? (I.E. - Rust, Paint Scratches, Broken Panels, Headliner torn, Cowl, etc.) Do you remove the cowl when replacing/installing a windshield? Do you run a "round bead" or a"v bead" when installing windshields? Do you wear safety glasses at all times when installing/removing auto glass? Are you a member of AGSC? When installing auto glass are nitrate gloves worn? When removing auto glass are work gloves worn? Do you warranty your work? Number of days to solve warranty issues? AUTO GLASS PARTNER SURVEY