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Auto Glass Insurance Claims

If your car insurance is full-coverage, chances are it will include auto glass claims. If this is the case, call The Auto Glass Shop first. We're experts at processing insurance claims for auto glass repair and replacements and can even set up the claim with your insurance company for you! Don't waste your time talking with your insurance agent while they gather your paperwork, call The Auto Glass Shop to get back on the road today and let us worry about billing your insurance company!

Auto Glass Agents

We want to help make the job of auto glass agents easier by allowing you to file claims for your customers online as well. We know how time consuming it can be playing phone tag with repair shops and want to encourage you to use our claim submission form to give us the information we need to help the customer with their auto glass.

Free Windshield Repairs

Some insurance companies offer free windshield repairs (based on your coverage). Since the cost of a windshield repair is much lower than a complete replacement, some insurance companies will pay for the repair for you!